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Yolanda McElroy
Rosemary Winbush
Nadia Francois
Aretha Craft
Yolanda McElroy is an Ohio native and a graduate of the Ohio State University. She is the owner and founder of MochaPrism LLC. Her debut book is 'Ten Fingers, Ten Toes' - a cute, little picture book for children. She is glad that you found her work! She is also a prophetic poet that write poetry as a reflection of her relationship with God.
For more information, connect with Yolanda at www.mochaprism.com.
Speaker, Author, Leader, Trainer, Rosemary Winbush, leverages over 35 years of expertise in ministry and business to Build Better Lives.  She has led teams of more than 250 volunteers and served a congregation of children and preteens of over 1,100.  An author of spiritually-based help books, producer of inspirational albums, writer for ministry magazines, and creator of marriage tools.  A global presenter; founder of student programs and biblical studies for women, and co-founder of international prayer movement for children.  She and husband, Wyman, are owners of Kairos International and WRW International, LLC, companies educating, empowering, and inspiring others to achieve divine success.Nadia Lindsey Francois, a Baton Rouge native and serial entrepreneur, is a licensed hairstylist with a B.S. in Business Administration. She founded Sistars of Empowerment, Inc., focusing on empowering women and youth through education and motivation. As a dedicated mother of four, her work includes authoring The Entrepreneur Activity Workbook and contributing to the International Best Selling "Better Woman Better World Book One." Her recent "What's Your Super Power Anthology" led to a TV series showcasing female entrepreneurs. Nadia's mission is to empower individuals towards personal and entrepreneurial success. Follow her journey at www.nadiafrancois.com.
Aretha Craft is a kingdom builder whose purpose to assist individuals transition, transform, and transcend limitations
Aretha fulfills her purpose in several capacities. Her servanthood includes supporting ministries in crisis, equipping leaders assisting in fostering reconciliation in the Body of Christ, family advocacy, and relationship safety. She is the creator of Re-Think Relationship, promoting Healthy, Integral, and Safe relationships. As the Founder of The School of Deborah, she partners with pioneering women to empower emerging Deborahs to respond to God’s call to arise.

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