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Conquering Canva Photo Editing 101

Take your photos from "EEK" to "CHIC" using the amazing photo editing tools in Photoshop.
"Empower your journey of growth both personally and professionally by exploring a variety of tools designed to expand your skills, enhance your mindset, and unlock your full potential.


Spark your creative potential and set the stage for lasting change. 


Boost your power to make positive changes with practical tools and knowledge.


Find the inspiration for innovation and solving creative problems.


Explore tools & techniques designed to unlock your full potential.

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Need Canva Support?
  • Allow me to be your Canva Troubleshooter for the rest of the year. (Never fear, I have support bundles available)
    You can book for 15 minutes, or get a bundle.
  • You'll get a birds eye view over my shoulder
    For the first few months of the year, I'm throwing in the recording of our session FREE.
    So you can always refer back to our session.

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I'm Celeste I help keep people motivated, educated, empowerd and inspired,.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For years, I lived in fear of letting people see the real me.... Even as I was learning how to unleash my confidence and fully utilize my creativity I would press daily to move into a healhier, more purpose centered life.

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